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What to Look For When Buying a Printer for Home Use

Whether you are buying a 2D or 3D printer depending on your needs, it should be in good working condition and suitable for your needs. There are many printer sellers out there but it takes one who understands the machine to be able to support this computer peripheral device. Are you looking for a photocopier or printer for your home use? Here are some things worth looking into:

Size and Speed

Printer size is something that all printer shoppers are keen on when looking for a printer for home use. In most cases, the printers are preferred when they are small in size, especially when space is a challenge. Though Ioskenya looks into the space available when recommending a home-use printer, Printer speed is looked into too.


Whether you buy a small or a big printer, cheap or expensive, by the end of the day the quality of the image should be a priority. Image requirements differ and Ioskenya is there to guide you on the specifications to look for. We look into printer resolution, Color Gamut, Ink density, Ink Droplet Size, Ink Configuration, and ICC Profiles, before we recommend a printer for home use to our clients. We have affordable printers and photocopiers suitable for your home.

Easy to Use

A printer is a computer peripheral device and one that is easy to use stands out to be the best for home use.  Are you looking for a printer that you and your children can comfortably use? Get a printer that is easy to troubleshoot and one that is less frustrating. A printer that a user can train another user is one to consider purchasing.

Support Availability

A printer is like any other machine that can fail you. Though Ioskenya only deals with popular brands, we cannot completely rule out manufacturer’s faults or damages. As much as we are a selling center, we have invested greatly on user support and a service center. We have affordable printers that are backed by a reasonable warranty. Whether you need a home-use printer for your business or just for home use, Ioskenya got your back. All our machines are backed with a warranty and user support is available. For all your photocopier and printer needs, get in touch with us via (+254) 710 330 340 / (+254) 735 330 340 or interact with us via our website

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